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Friday, February 16, 2007

GRE Word of the Day

salad days \salad days\, noun:
A time of youthful inexperience, innocence, or indiscretion.

Elinor looked outside at Marianne and Mr. Willoughby and could not help but reminisce about her own lost salad days.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Graduate Student Must Have

So now that you are in graduate school and signed up for classes, what do you do about the writing requirement? Graduate school writing is very different than undergraduate writing. You must be concise, write about the entire question, realize the importance of your topic, and learn to write for both a broad and narrow audience. Spring Into Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists by Barry J. Rosenberg
is one such book that will successfully guide you through those grueling classes. Rosenberg's book goes through proper word and grammer useage, planning, power point presentation skills, how to handel e-mail mishaps, and much more. This book is definatly worth the cost at $19.79 at Amazon and should be a part of any graduate student's book collection.

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