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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Upcoming Graduate School Fair

BYU and UVSC are hosting their First Annual Graduate and Health School Fair to educate students about various graduate/health programs and the application process. Over 80 graduate school programs will be represented at the BYU/UVSC Fair. Programs that will be heavily represented include: MBA programs, chiropractics, nursing, army, test preparation help, chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, and neuroscience. Students that attend the fair are encouraged to dress up, bring a resume and contact card, and act enthusiastically. An estimated 1,000 students will attend the fair but numbers could reach as high as 3,000. If you have the opportunity to go the BYU/UVSC, take advantage of all the graduate school contacts you can make. During the application process, you might need to send a cover letter so make sure to mention that you went to the fair and were impressed by the school’s reputation. Furthermore, it is fine to mention the graduate school representative’s name.

The Graduate School Fair will be held October 25, 2006 at the Wilkinson Center Ballroom at BYU.


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