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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Graduate School Funding: Scholarship Search

Believe it or not, most graduate school programs do not offer funding to their students. I was shocked as you are probably right now. I have a friend who is considering entering a program in public health and much to her dismay discovered that the program does not provide students with funding, including most of all tuition expenses. Since graduate school is considered a privilege, many programs will not waive tuition. Largely, I believe the availability of graduate schools to offer funding is based off of what programs are considered "hot", especially those programs considered "hot" to the current government administration. However, this does not mean that you are totally at a loss. There are other sources of funding such as teaching assistant and graduate research positions, fellowships, grants and scholarships. The focus of the post is finding scholarships that will cover a huge gambit of programs.

Before searching the web or the library for graduate school scholarships, some graduate schools and programs do have scholarships that you compete for. Usually these scholarships are within the entire graduate school so you will be competing for that scholarship with potentially 100s of other students from different disciplines. The library at your institution is another great place to start, look in the catalogue for scholarships or ask a librarian to help narrow down your search.

The internet is another option that will have you perusing through possible graduate scholarships as fast as you can say “show me the money!”. Here are a few starting sites to help you along the way:

Fastweb- This is your best choice for finding lots of scholarships under a graduate school heading. Simply fill out a form, which will state your highest degree obtained, interests, gender, age, etc.. By submitting a form, Fastweb will pair your qualifications with scholarships in your field.

SCHOLARSHIPS-GRANTS.NET - This site works similarly to Fastweb. You must fill out a form so that the site will match you with possible graduate school scholarships.

BrokeScholar- Again, similar to Fastweb. This database has over 650,000 scholarship awards listed. Service is free and includes an online calendar to help you stay organized with scholarship deadlines and other important dates.

Scholarship Experts- This service lists scholarships by local, state, national or school specific.


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