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Thursday, July 06, 2006

20 Things Not to Wear to a Graduate School Interview

In a previous article, “Dress to Impress”, I wrote about what a potential graduate school candidate should wear to the graduate interview. It is also important to note what candidates should not wear to interviews. As much as we would like to think that personality and talent far outweigh everything else, our appearance is also factored into the graduate school’s final decision on whether or not to make an offer of admission. Below is a guideline of what you should not wear to a graduate school interview.

20 Things to Avoid Wearing to a Graduate School Interview:

1) Underwear as main articles of clothing. Underwear should be kept just as its name implies—it should not be worn as outerwear clothing. Do not wear camisoles (at least ones that are revealing) and make sure that lingerie is not showing. Bra straps should not be visible.

2) Workout gear. Some graduate programs are very laid back; however, even laid back programs expect you to show up in professional attire during the graduate school interview.

3) Soiled, stained or rumpled clothing. Make sure all clothing is ironed and free of stains. The best clothes to bring are ones that do not need to be ironed or are easily pressed.

4) Shorts. The weather might be hot but you should never ever wear shorts to an interview. Instead opt for lightweight clothing with long sleeves and legs.

5) Tattoos. Absolutely do not expose your tattoos if you can help it. Wear long sleeves and pants. Also, use a spray on makeup concealer to cover-up tattoos.

6) Extreme hair color. Wait on that new color. Stick to natural looking colors and natural highlights.

7) Dramatic makeup. Wear light makeup that has natural tones. The best eyeshadow has neutral tones, like tan and brown. Do not cake on makeup.

8) Cologne. Do not overuse cologne. To be on the safe side, use a nice smelling soap or febreeze.

9) Perfume. Again, do not drown yourself in that fragrance. Wear a fruity smelling perfume, if you must, and not a musky scented one. Feel free to spray febreeze on your clothing.

10) Long, fake or wild colored nails. Keep your nails short and neat.

11) Scruffy beards. Clean shaven is best but if you must keep the facial hair make sure it is neat and trimmed.

12) Micro-miniskirts. Remember skirts should only be slightly above the knee and not tight fitting.

13) Torn knee-highs or pantyhose. If you notice a huge run or tear in your stockings, remove them. Believe it or not the tear in your knee-highs is more noticeable than the fact that you are not wearing any at all.

14) Overly revealing attire. Check to insure that everything is in its place. Do not wear clothing that will expose breasts, back and arms.

15) Athletic socks with street shoes. They might be comfortable but it looks like you would rather be out playing baseball than going on the graduate school interview. If your interviews are all over the place bring your dress shoes to change into before your meeting.

16) Sandals. Keep your feet encased in professional looking dress shoes and not sandals. Toes should not be on display.

17) Body piercings. Remove nose, eyebrows, tongue and any other excessive piercings.

18) Bare midriff. Your six-pack stomach might be awesome but it is not something you want to show on your interview.

19) Low-rise pants. Do not show off your underwear and even ahem…the “plumber’s crack.”

20) Icing yourself in jewelry. The rule is that you should not be wearing more than 3 pieces of jewelry. Also, watches count as part of the 3 pieces.

To read more on what you should not wear to graduate school interviews, click on CareerBuilder.com’s article, “What Not to Wear to Work: 15 Things ."


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