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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Stress Release With Spin Spa ™

The Graduate School application and interview processes are often stressful so much so that tension builds up in every part of your body. Stress causes at least some of us to be nervous and that is the worst thing to be feeling when taking the GREs or going on an interview. This is just one of the many reasons why the creators of Spin Spa produced an at home spa experience that gives you all the features of an all star salon spa without the wallet busting prices.

The Spin Spa system is a motorized handle with two speeds (high and low) that connects with rotating spa heads. The five heads included in the system are:

- MicroDerm Head that helps slough off dead skin cells and gives skin a smooth appearance
- Mesh Sponge that lathers up liquid soap for gentle exfoliation
- Cleaning Head
- Message Head for tired muscles
- Pumice Head smooths away calluses and rough skin

Spin Spa handle also allows for the easy washing of hard to reach places such as the back and lower legs.

Spin Spa , a $60.00 system, can be purchased for $ 19.99 with s+h on the phone by dialing the following number: 1-800-955-4994 or online for $14.99 with s+h. All orders come with a free silk spa robe.

Replacement heads that include all five Spin Spa heads can be purchased through HSN for $11.00 with s+h.


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