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Thursday, June 15, 2006

The State of Education in the Union

In an article by Kris Kendall of MSN, “The Most (and Least) Educated States”, America’s states, including the District of Colombia, are ranked based on the percent of individuals having higher education degrees. Kendall remarks that this is an extremely powerful tool because postsecondary degrees equate to higher earning potential. The top spot goes to Washington D.C., which is not a great surprise considering the amount of lawyers, politicians, teachers, and doctors it has. Washington D.C. aside, the other states that rank in the top are:

1) Massachusetts – 35.8%* with $53, 610**
2) Colorado - 34.7% with $50, 538
3) Connecticut- 34.6% with $56, 803

* percent are those who have a 4yr degree or higher
** average yearly income

States that ranked in the bottom half are:

1) Oklahoma – 21.9% with $35,129
2) Tennessee – 21.5% with $38,247
3) Louisiana- 21.3% with 34,141

The big message from Kendall’s article is that earning a higher degree increases your opportunities for greater financial success.


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