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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Undergraduate Curriculum: Choosing Your Minor

In addition to selecting an undergraduate major at the end of your sophomore year, you need to choose a minor. Again, before you select one, here are a few guidelines:

1) Look At The Rule For Choosing A Major. The same rules apply here. Click here for Choosing a Major.

2) Make Sure That Minor Complements Your Major. If your minor coincides with your major, you will be able to make more connections to your major and reinforce what you learn.

3) Check the Classes You Must Take For Your Major and Required Courses for Graduate School. Sometimes your major or graduate school requirements state that you need a certain amount of credits from a particular field. If they amount to 50% or more credits needed for a minor, select this area to complete a minor. It is a huge time saver.

4) Consider A Language. A minor in a foreign language is a definite booster for your graduate admissions score. It is especially helpful if you plan on interacting with a large amount of people on a daily basis. Furthermore, some graduate fields require that you know a particular language to translate papers.


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