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Sunday, April 09, 2006

GRE Questions of the Week Results (03/31/06-04/06/06)

A moratorium is an official halt or cessation of an activity. One possible purpose, or use, of a moratorium is to preserve (for instance, to preserve an endangered animal species). Similarly, one possible use of a tree is to shade. The second answer choice is the best response.

The first answer choice: Is one possible use of a revolt to tyrannize? No. The purpose of a revolt might be to stop tyranny (which means "oppressive rule").

The third answer choice: Is one possible use of a problem to solve? No.

The fourth answer choice: Is one possible use of a collection to accumulate? No. The relationship between these two words is just the opposite: One possible purpose of accumulating is to form a collection.

The fifth answer choice: Is one possible use of an eclipse to cover? No. Covering is part of the definition of eclipse.


450-3x = 320 +5x


130/8 = 8x/8

x = 16 ΒΌ


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