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Monday, April 03, 2006

The Cost of Applying to Graduate School*

If you are like most candidates applying to graduate school, money is a scarce resource. Before applying to graduate programs, you should have a rough idea of how much it will cost you. Listed below is an itemized account of what each graduate school might expect you to have. Please note that not all graduate schools require their candidates to complete a subject base GRE test and TOEFL. Furthermore, it is possible to have the graduate school waive the application fee if your undergraduate financial aid office can provide the program with a letter stating that you are in financial need or if you are a member of a program that offers waivers, such as the Ronald E. McNair Scholar Program and Research Experience for Undergraduates Program.

1. Graduate Records Exam Registration Fee….$115.00
2. GRE Score Report....$15.00
3. Subject Base Graduate Records Exam….$130.00
4. Subject Base GRE Score Report….$15.00
5. TOEFL….$140.00
6. TOEFL Score Report….$17.00
7. Undergraduate Transcript (must supply one from every institution you have attended)....$8.00
8. Application Fee….$100.00

Total: $540.00 if applying for 1 school

Additional schools will cost you $155.00 per. Graduate program

*Fees are reflected for tests taken in the United States.


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