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Friday, April 28, 2006

Bulking Up Your Credentials: Summer Programs #2

National Institutes of Health Research Opportunities- Includes both high school and undergraduate summer research. Undergraduate research centers on biomedical study. In addition to having a United States citizen status, applicants must be an undergraduate at an accredited university and enrolled at least half time. The program lasts approximately 8 weeks and summer program candidates usually arrive at the N.I.H. in May or June. The stipends for trainees are adjusted yearly, with supplements for prior experience. For current stipend information, click here. Applications are accepted from November 15 to March 1.

Summer Honors Undergraduate Research Program at Harvard University- - The Division of Medical Sciences administers the research training programs for PhD students in the biomedical sciences at Harvard Medical School. The Program is offered for college students from under-represented groups who are seriously considering research careers in the bio-medical sciences. Summer research opportunities will be available in a variety of biological and biomedical sciences including (but not limited to): cellular and developmental biology, cell cycle regulation, cardiac and vascular functions and pathology, studies of blood cells, endocrinology, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, receptor structure and functions, transmembrane signaling mechanisms, study of clotting mechanisms, and virology. Room, board and health insurance are provided by Harvard University. The program lasts for 10 weeks and students are paid $390/week.

The SURE Program- The Summer Undergraduate Research Program at Emory (SURE) allows undergraduate students to conduct supervised research with a faculty mentor. Students receive training in the research methods applicable to their research plan, analyze their data and create written and oral presentations of their results. At the end of the summer, each participant takes part in a formal research symposium. Panels of faculty and graduate students help explore mentoring issues, and make recommendations on how to choose a graduate program and how to balance work and family responsibilities. Speakers address their own involvement in science careers and the requirements for success in their fields. Weekly ethics discussions allow students to explore the ethical aspects of research careers. Awards for popular science essays [optional submission] and scientific posters are made at the end of the program. Approved posters and essays will be published through the program web site.
SURE is sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, by individual contributions by research mentors, and supplemented by funds from an NIH training grant to the Microbiology and Immunology Department. Our program ethics component was developed in part through NSF/REU award from the National Science Foundation.


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