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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Applying to Graduate School: Locating Graduate Programs Using Book References

Although online resources are extremely convenient and widely used, sometimes they do not show you everything you would like to know about a particular program. The majority of online sources require you to register and pay an online fee to look at all program statistics. Therefore, I believe the best course of action is to find information from the ‘hard copy’ sources. Instead of spending an enormous amount of money to peruse the below listed books, see if your local or university library owns them. If this is not an option, click on this site Best Buys for Textbooks to determine the most cost effective site to buy book references.

Peterson’s Guide To Graduate Schools In the U.S. 2006 – This works similarly to the Peterson’s Guide Online version. However, no registration and online fee are required. Again, this Peterson’s Guide is the most comprehensive source to locating graduate school programs.

Complete Book of Graduate Programs in the Arts and Sciences 2005 by Princeton Review - This book is used for the person thinking about applying to graduate school. It goes over masters programs and doctoral programs. It also states the reasons why you should apply for graduate school. Subsequent chapters tell you about the current programs in arts and science and what each requires.

Complete Guide to Graduate School Admission: Psychology, Counseling, and Related Professions - Is similar to the Princeton Review book except that well, it deals with psychology and clinical psychology programs.

Finding the Best Business School for You : Looking Past the Rankings - Lists business schools according to what you view school strength to be, which insures the best possible match for you.

Guide to American Graduate Schools : Ninth Edition, Completely Revised (Guide to American Graduate Schools) - The usefulness of this book is best put by the words of the following buyer, "The book has profiles on essentially every school in the US with graduate programs, including many I had never even heard of. The profiles explain what programs are available, admittance requirements and procedures, costs, addresses, phone numbers, contact personnel, etc. All the information is extremely well presented and genuinely useful. While I am sure that there are small errors in a book this comprehensive (just like there are errors in any 700-plus page book, be they grammatical or otherwise) this is a great resource for basic research into a school or program. Obviously, when a student has accomplished this first step, they will need to go to individual school websites, talk to schools, and ultimately visit campuses. For general information on graduate programs in the US, this book is the clear champion compared with the other available options. Any prospective graduate student that isn't 100 percent sure what program they want to enroll in should own this book. "


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