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Friday, April 14, 2006

Applying to Graduate School: Locating Graduate Programs Using Online Sources

Frequently future applicants to graduate students know which field they want to enter but not which program. Furthermore, some areas of study are scarcer than others and can be difficult to locate a program. Here is a list and description of online sources that can be used to find graduate programs:

Peterson's Guide. Peterson’s Guide is the largest listing of graduate programs. You can search by zip code, program interest, or university name. Peterson’s Guide also rates the school and shows what it requires in terms of tests, G.P.A., etc. The side button on the website provides further help in writing your personal statement and finding scholarships.

Find the Right School. This site shows you possible programs by research area and zip code. Furthermore you can see the website’s top pick of graduate schools by looking on the main page. If you click on the school site, you can request information immediately about your desired program.

U.S. News. If you really want to apply to graduate schools that are ranked in the top 10, U.S. News is the place to start. It will show you the top 3 graduate schools in your programs and provide the institution's website. However, to view the top 100, you will need to pay a fee of $14.95.

Graduate School Guide. This site works similarly to Find the Right School.

Other helpful hints are to look up societys and other organizations of your major field to see what institutions they recommend that you apply for. Also, be sure to go to the library and check out books that have current information about graduate school rankings and required information. If there is a specific project you would like to research, check out journals like Pubmed to see if other doctores have similar interest to determine which university he/she is working at. You can seek the help of your advisor, chances are he/she knows the best places to apply to. One final thought is to join a number of summer programs and internships like the McNair program, Research Experience for Undergraduates, and Summer Research Oppertunities Program.


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