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Monday, April 10, 2006

Accepting An Offer Of Admission

Starting April 15th, graduate programs will ask you to inform them about your decision pertaining to their offer of admission. If you have either decided in the affirmative or negative, graduate programs require you to notify them via a written letter. Listed below is a form stating that the offer of admission has been accepted, please feel free to use this and write additional information that might help cater the letter more to your specific program. If you have decided not to accept an offer, click on declining an offer of admission for further information.

[Your address]
[Program address]

Dear [Name of Program],

It is with the utmost pleasure and excitement to inform you that I have accepted your offer of admission to the [program name] program. After visiting your program, I truly knew that none of the [field of study] programs I was accepted to could offer me the critical thinking that the [name of graduate school] would. Quite simply I could not envision myself anywhere else.

I was extremely impressed by the quality of faculty and graduate student research projects and of the research facilities. I thoroughly enjoyed my recruitment meetings with Drs. [name of individuals whom you have met with or corresponding with]. I can honestly see myself working with the entire [name of program] faculty and it will be a difficult decision to choose only three rotations. Again, I look forward to becoming an active student and researching with the [name of program] faculty and students. Thank you so much.


[your name]
[your e-mail]


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