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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

GRE Test Taking Tips and Strategies

1) Know the Directions Now. This will save on time. Simply dismiss the directions and start answering questions.
2) Carefully Answer Questions in the First Portion of Each Section. Remember this is an adaptive test so if you answer questions correctly in the first portion of each section, you will have higher scores.
3) Do Scratch Work. Think your answers out on paper if they are especially tough. The testing center should provide you with scratch paper. Think it over and use Process of Elimination (P.O.E.) if necessary.
4) If using the paper test, do all the easy questions first and come back to harder questions.
5) Don’t spend too much time on any one question. Remember you are working against the clock; only spend a couple of seconds on easy questions and at most 1-2 minutes on harder ones.
6) Practice, use the study aids described in the previous posting.
7) Bring IDs and ETS voucher with you to the testing center. Forget to bring a calculator since you are not permitted to have one.
8) Have breakfast with a lot of protein. Protein is guaranteed to make you stay awake and feel good.
9) Coffee. If you feel your attention is waning, be sure to get some coffee on your ten minute break or during breakfast.
10) Bring a watch to the testing center. It is easier to use the watch on your wrist than to rely on the one on the computer. Test takers tend to get nervous when they see the computer clock flashing so if you think you might be one of these people, click the clock to make it disappear.
11) If you are getting fustrated with a question, simply take your eyes of the computer for a couple of seconds and take some deep breaths. Remember, you have seen this material before and you have already been successful with it during your college career.
12) Bring some extra pencils. There is no guarantee the testing center will provide with pencils.
13) Know where the testing center is and how to get there. This will reduce stress on test day.
14) Use the headphones. Some testing centers offer headphones to block out excess noise caused by other test takers.


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