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Monday, March 13, 2006

GRE Study Aids and Programs

From the previous post, you already know what you can expect to be tested on during the GRE. However, it is absolutely necessary that you study at least 2 months prior to taking the GRE. There are two renowned programs that offer help to students: Kaplan and the Princeton Review. You can expect that both programs will cost you a lot of green. These programs are designed for students who cannot really focus and need someone to be watching and urging them to study. I think that if you seriously want to attend graduate school you do not need someone looking over your shoulder. In addition to supplying the program information, this article highlights books, CDs and flashcards that will be extremely helpful in studying for the GRE. My first suggestion in obtaining these study sources is not to buy it out directly but to see if your local or university library has a copy. If not, you can buy these items for less at Amazon or Half.com.

Kaplan Test Preparation for the GRE:

Kaplan states that by taking their course you will improve your scores by 100 points. Kaplan has a number of online tests for you to take so that you can see what you are weak in. Furthermore, Kaplan offers private tutors that will review math, vocabulary and writing with you. Kaplan offers several plans that you can register for such as an Online course, Private Tutor Sessions, and Classroom course. If you register for a combination of these course you receive graduate admissions consulting for free.

Online Course: $559
Classroom Course and 5 hours: $1,659
Classroom Course: $1,099

The Princeton Review GRE Preparation:

Similarly to Kaplan, the Princeton Review promises a jump in your scores by 100 points. They offer the same options as Kaplan such as the classroom course and online course. The classroom course is stated to have a maximum of 8 students so that all students will have one-on-one time with the tutor. Groups are arranged based on areas of weakness, which are assessed by a practice GRE test. Furthermore, the Princeton Review promises that you will be able to use 4 online tests and receive a free subscription to TIME magazine.

Online Course: $799
Self directed Online Course: $499
Express Online Course: $99

GRE PowerPrep Software

This is provided for by ETS for free. You can either download it from ETS website or request to have it sent to you in the mail. The software contains to full GRE tests and practice problems for math, verbal and the writing analysis. Be sure to use this source as it will give you an idea of how the computer test is set up.

Score It Now

This website, for a fee, will grade your writing analysis. This is great and I do suggest buying at least one test so that you have some idea of how you will be scored. If your score is about a 4 or lower see what you can improve upon. If need be, seek help from the writing center at your university. For one present your perspective and one analysis of an argument, the fee is $10.

The Very Best Coaching and Study Course for the New GRE
Staff REA, David Bell, Pauline B. Travis, Lucille Freeman

This GRE book lists the most common words tested on by ETS. Also, it gives a short but concise math review. It also stressed the importance of knowing angles and other aspects of geometry. Furthermore, it is worth getting this book for the simple fact that it has the most GRE practice tests, 6 to be exact. Also, in the answer section it gives you a full explanation of how ETS arrives at that particular answer.

Cracking the GRE with Sample Tests on CD-ROM, 2005 Edition (Graduate Test Prep) (Paperback) by Karen Lurie, Magda Pecsenye, Adam Robinson, David Ragsdale

If studying for the GRE is something that drives your brain to tears with boredom, be sure to check out this book. Cracking the GRE offers humor when trying to memorize certain words and reviewing over parts of mathematics and grammar. Also, the analysis writing is better explained in this book; it really lets you know what your options are and what to look for in strengthen an argument.

How to Prepare for the GRE Test with CD-ROM (Paperback), 3ed.by Sharon Weiner Green, Ira K. Wolf

This book goes over a great overview of what you can expect to find on the GRE. Although you will find other books to be more complete, this one is worth getting just for the CD. The CD-ROM feature shows what an actual GRE test will look like and gives you a wider range of sample problems in comparison with the GRE-Prep from ETS.

The Ultimate Math Refresher for the GRE, GMAT, and SAT (Paperback) by Lighthouse Review Inc, Lighthouse Review Inc (Editor)

If your math is a little rusty, this is the perfect refresher book. The Ultimate Math Refresher really hits hard on geometry and algebra. Also, it goes over how to solve for standard deviation, which appears in the GRE. Furthermore, the math refresher reviews over graphs and figures.

The Ultimate Verbal and Vocabulary Builder for the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT
Lighthouse Review, Lighthouse Review Inc (Editor)

This book works similarly to the Ultimate Math Refresher. It hits on areas that are heavily tested in the qualitative section. It is a great companion with the math book.

GRE Vocabulary: With 750 Flashcards and Study Book
Easy-Prep Flash Cards

Why waste your time writing down a bunch of vocabulary words that may or may not be on the GRE? Instead buy GRE flashcards, which list the most commonly tested vocabulary. In addition to having a definition and the part of speech, the flashcards also lists antonyms.


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