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Friday, March 24, 2006

The Graduate School Interview: Questions to Ask Graduate Students

In addition to meeting with several faculty and staff members from your applied program, you will also have the chance to meet with graduate students. This is a great opportunity to find out what the graduate program is really like. The recruitment weekend plan will most likely allow you to talk to the graduate students on outings. Outings might include going to lunch, dinner, shopping and touring the city. Some questions to ask graduate students are:

1) What is your specific area of interest?
2) What are you researching?
3) Whose laboratory/project are you working on?
4) What year are you in?
5) What is the most difficult aspect of being a graduate student?
6) Why did you ultimately chose this program?
7) What do you hope to do after you complete your doctoral/master’s degree?
8) Is it difficult to find an apartment/house/living area in this city?
9) Is there help available to find housing?
10) What are the first two years of the doctoral program like/ what is the first year of the master’s program like?
11) What was your favorite class?
12) What is your minor (concentration)?
13) What faculty members do you not want as an advisor/part of thesis or dissertation review board?
14) What faculty members do not get along with each other?
15) What faculty members teach well, which ones do I not want to have as an instructor for a class?
16) What is the public transportation system like here?
17) Does the doctoral stipend cover your cost of living or is it necessary to find further funding?
18) How is the medical insurance?
19) How many hours per week do you spend researching?
20) What is the emphasis of publishing in your first year?
21) What do you do to burn off stress?
22) How intense is the program?

Click on the following site for more questions to ask graduate students:

Ask Current Graduate Students


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