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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Graduate School Interview: Questions to Ask

As previously mentioned, graduate school recruitment weekends are not only opportunities for graduate schools to know you, but also for graduate programs to impress you. Furthermore, this gives you a chance to really see what graduate life is like at that location. Remember rule #10- never register for a graduate school without seeing the program and the location first. Graduate school recruitment weekends in addition to letting you meet the faculty also have you meet the graduate students. Be sure to pick the graduate students brains about what attracted them to the program and the location. Graduate school interviewers will expect you to at least have 5 decent questions. Most importantly, if you know who your interviewers are conduct a search of what their current research projects are and if you have time, go and read over their papers. A great place to start for the sciences is Pubmed. Some questions you can ask are:

1) What classes do you teach?
2) What graduate school funding do you commonly give students?
3) Is there a teaching portion to the doctoral/master’s program?
4) Ask a research question…faculty love to talk about their own research
5) What is the attrition rate?
6) How many graduate students earn their degree/ year?
7) What kind of facilities do you have?
8) What is the average amount of years it takes a graduate student to earn his/her degree?
9) What do graduate students do after they earn their degrees?
10) What percent of students in the program are of a minority background? (ask this if diversity is important to you)
11) How many females do you have in your program?
12) Are you accepting graduate students in your (laboratory or research project)?
13) Do you have graduate school housing?
14) What classes should I take in my first semester?
15) Is it possible to have a co-advisor?
16) Is it possible to conduct a collaborative project between two departments for my thesis or dissertation?

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