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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Graduate School Interview: Interview Questions

Perhaps the most apprehensive part of the interview is what the interviewer will ask you. Depending upon the program, most interviewers will start out by telling you about his/her research or area of interest. This is especially true if you have applied for a doctoral program. The interviewer most likely is looking for graduate students to work with them during rotations. It is extremely important that you pay attention, some interviewers will go quickly over his/her project and expect you to make a suggestion for a future direction to his/her project, so that you can ask intelligent questions later. Prior to the interview be sure to read up on the interviewer, this will be discussed more in depth in subsequent articles. Furthermore, you can expect that the interviewer has read up on you as well. Sometimes the interviewer might ask you about low test scores or your area of interest. Other questions you can expect are the following:

1) What is the most recent book you have read?
2) What book has influenced you the most?
3) Why did you apply to our program?
4) What interested you most about our program?
5) Have you conducted prior research?
6) What have you researched?
7) What would you like to do with your master’s or doctoral degree?
8) What do you do for fun?
9) What was your favorite undergraduate class?
10) If you have taken time out from school, what have you been doing?
11) What is your specific area of interest?
12) What sets you apart from other candidates?
13) How has your background helped you to identify your research interest?
14) Are you seeking funding for graduate school?
15) Do you speak a foreign language?
16) Who would you like to work with?
17) Are you familiar with my research?
18) What excites you most about graduate school?

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