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Monday, March 20, 2006

The Graduate School Interview: Dress to Impress

The interview is perhaps the most needlessly stressed aspect of the graduate application. If you are well prepared in advanced (advanced meaning a couple weeks), interviews should actually be quite enjoyable. Think about it: You have already wowed the graduate program such that they want to get to know you better. This is an opportunity for you to shine and stand apart from the rest of the other applicants. Remember the interview process is also a chance for the graduate program to impress you. This is what I like to call the wine and dine period! Since you are getting ready for the interview ahead of time (right?), our first article will focus on apparel. Look the part of what the program’s ideal candidate is—not looking like you have wads of $ but looking professional (absolutely no jeans).

1) Perfume. Keep perfume to a minimum. Make it a light floral scent as not to overpower your interviewers. Remember there is a difference between a wisp of perfume versus a major dowsing.

2) Jewelry. 3 pieces only. Consider silver or gold watch, silver/gold earrings (not dangles, choose studs), and a silver/gold necklace OR ring.

3) Suits. Suits should be a pant or skirt. Be sure to wear a nice blouse in case it gets too warm and you must remove your blazer. Check out the following sites for suits:
Fashion Bug.

4) Make-up. Light and neutral. Do not overdo this as there is a chance you might appear to look like you will be clubbing.
Mary Kay.

5) Hair. If getting a haircut and/or dye do it a week in advanced. Get something easy to style that is not too wild.

6) Folder. Bring a nice folder or brief case. No purses as they are sure to distract and get in the way.
Office Depot.
Garrett Specialities.

1) Watch. Wear a gold or silver watch (and wedding ring if applicable) only. Chains and necklaces look tacky.

2) Cologne. Use a light sprit of cologne; remember not too much.

3) Hair. See rule #5 in Women’s section.

4) Facial Hair. Keep facial hair to a minimum; don’t look scruffy. Graduate schools are looking for a sophisticated male graduate student not Paul Bunyan.

5) Suit. Wear a 3 piece suit or a nice business top with long sleeves and dress pants. The business top can be a tasteful sweater as well. If wearing a suit top, be sure to use a tie. Also, never, never, never ever wear jeans or khakis. Check out the following sites for suits:

6) Folder. See #6 in Women’s section.


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