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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Graduate School Decision: Informing the Program That You Will Not Be Attending

The deadline date to make a decision about which graduate school you will attend is typically on April 15th. If you have applied and been accepted to numerous schools, you will have to inform which programs you will not be entering and why. Below is a formed letter you can use. Please note that there are blank spaces which you must fill out for your specific program.

[today’s date]
[address of program]
[attn to a specific person]

Dear [Name of Program or Director],

I regret to inform you that I must write to tell you that I will not be attending [name of program] for the fall of 2006. I sincerely appreciate your offer. My financial situation this year prevents me from making the commitment of enrolling in your program.* This decision was not an easy one to come to and I hope that my spot will given to another worthy student who is on your waitlist. Again thank you so much for your admissions offer.


[your name]

*Frequently, graduate schools will ask why you have not decided to enroll in their program and what program you decided to enter and why. Please feel free to change the reason in the indicated line and add your chosen graduate school.


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