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Friday, March 10, 2006

Attention All GRE Test Takers: GRE Overhaul

Starting in the fall of 2007, ETS will be initiating a revised GRE test, which it says will be geared more towards students entering graduate school. Some of the changes will include a huge decrease in vocabulary testing (gosh, ETS, you don’t think graduate students will need to know what a sycophant is?), more reading passages that will have a broader subject range, graduate reasoning, reduction in the amount of geometry problems, real life scenario problems and use of an on screen calculator. Students planning to register for the GRE in 2007 are shouting cries of joys, those unfortunate to have taken it or need to take the GRE prior to 2007 are also shouting but it is definitely not shouts of joy.

First, on behalf of all students who took and will take the GRE before 2007, I would like to thank ETS for its’ truly innovative idea to revamp the GRE. How revolutionary it was of ETS to implement a computer calculator! Okay, I will admit that I might be making more of the revised GRE than is necessary; however, it does bring into question of how previous test takers will be compared to the ones in 2007. Consider this scenario: two students are applying to the same program for entrance in the fall of 2008. One student, who took the GRE in 2006, decided to take a year off of school and would apply the following year to graduate school. The other student took the revised version. Obviously, the revised version is much more geared towards students applying for graduate students and will result in higher scores in comparison with the older version. This begs the question of how graduate schools will grade the two very different versions of the tests.

I believe that in addition to creating these new test changes, ETS should send with every score report a comparison of the total score of the revised version with that of the older version. For example, a 720 on the new version might only compare with a 510 on the older version. This way graduate programs will be able to accurately evaluate test scores.

To learn more about the revised GRE, click on the ETS website below:

GRE Changes

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